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We are professional media buyers and web advertisers who joined together to provide you with the best sources and solutions for website traffic, leads and acquisitions.

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We provide our customers with the best tailor-made solutions so they can achieve their advertising goals. Campaigns we run are highly customizable (Geo-Location, Scheduled Ads, User / Keyword Targeting) and are constantly optimized, on the fly. We fully integrate campaigns to CRM, and give scheduled reports so you will always have complete understanding of your campaign status. With us Results are Guaranteed! We are committed to your campaign's success and ROI.

Our Services

Leads Generation is the ultimate goal of online marketing. Generating high quality leads that turn into conversions is the main service we offer our clients. It takes a few things to have the ability to generate quality traffic, and we've mastered them all.

From our ability to monitor countless traffic sources effectively, and our smart marketing strategies, to our skilled campaign optimizers. All at your service so you can focus on selling processes while we drive all the quality traffic and leads to your website / brand.

Media Buying is our main method to provide you with the goods. Our experience in the field of media buying, along with the special techniques we developed with time, this is what gives us the edge over other traffic suplliers.

Our main model for media buying is to work with big volumes. Working with big volumes allows us to do the campaign optimizations more effectively, and therefore to deliver you significantly better results over time.

Let us take care of you. We will maintain all the aspects of running your campaigns, from budget through strategies to execution. You can stay focused on doing your job and relax, while we provide you with all of your marketing essentials.

Social Media Marketing? Sure thing. Google or Search Engines advertising? Not a problem, amigos. We offer diverse solutions to meet each of your campaign needs, and to ultimately help you fully reach your campaign's goals and potential.

Sometimes what makes the difference between a less or more successful campaign are creatives - Putting the right call-to-action, creating an appealing and pleasent design, working with responsive or designated materials.

Logo, Banners, Landing Pages, All of these and more come under the definitions of creatives. We can create and design it for you so you could enjoy the benefits of aesthetic and converting designs.

Website SEO is probably the most effective and beneficial method as medium and long term solution. Ranking high on the main search engines will most definitely provide you with qualified traffic, in large volumes.

We are professionals at website SEO. We can help you rank high in your preferred search engines, so you can start to increase your organic traffic. Our website SEO is focused on two aspects - Technical SEO & Content SEO.

Not sure what to do next? Maybe you are just wondering about how to fully reach and fulfill your marketing potential in the cyber space. You are in the right place - We can help you figure out what suits you best and what should be your future moves.

Creatives? Targeting Methods? General Marketing Strategy? We will analyze your current website and/or campaigns status, together with your marketing needs, and we will provide you with recommendations and instructions about what you should improve, change, or maintain, in order to acheive your desired campaign results and/or website engagement.

Our Traffic

Traffic Sources

Our main sources of traffic are verified exchanges, where traffic is being bought through RTB (Real-Time Bidding) processes. Sources for each campaign are chosen according to relevant vertical and topic (e.g Trading, Gambling, etc), and either specific websites and/or different user asspects are targeted. While the campaign is live we monitor the traffic sources and optimize along the way - increasing or decreasing volume of specific sources or targeting methods.

FX-Ads Online Marketing - Traffic Sources

Our Platform

Our platform derives from more than 25 different variables from user browsers. This allows us to monitor and control different aspects of traffic such as source (website), time-stamp, referrer, category, and many more. We can segment the campaign data and identify patterns - what user aspects correlate with higher or lower quality. Once a pattern is spotted, we can increase / decrease that type of traffic. You may recieve reports by request, and we may request some reports from you, in order to further optimize the campaign's traffic.

FX-Ads Online Marketing - Our Platform
Methods, Channels, Mediums


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Main Verticals

Trading & Investments
Gambling, Casino

Pricing Models


Display Advertising

Display Advertising is our main channel of advertising. Display advertising can be either aggressive or passive. Included in this category - Banners, Text-Ads ,Pops, New-Tabs and Redirects. Banners - Static, White-Space, Overlay. Text-Ads - Regular, In-text. Pops - Pop-up, Pop-under, New-tab, Redirect.

Contextual Advertising

This is our main advertising method for display campaigns. Relevant sources are targeted to run the ads. If there is a match between the campaign's vertical / category and the source text content, we will target it and buy media from it to your campaign. This method allows us to target many sources of traffic at once and to generate qualified traffic from countless sources simultaneously.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the advertising channels that we specialize in. It is a growing market and when used effectively, can bring great results in terms of user engagement and interaction with the advertised content / materials. If you are looking to start a social media campaign we can offer you our service for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Search Ads

Looking for a search network campaigns? Sure thing. Just tell us which networks you want to work with (Google/Bing/Yahoo/etc..), and we're on it. Search advertising is one of the classic methods and we've mastered it. We run succesful campaigns on different search engines on a regular base.

E-Mail Marketing

This is one of our premium channels. We put many efforts into creating large high quality databases of potential customers, segmented by category, interests and geo-location. Our e-mail campaigns are effective and high-converting. If you are looking for databases to do your own e-mail marketing, give us a note about it.

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